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Why Become a Member?

Why become a member? 


The goal of our Association is to serve our members and organize many activities. We offer our membership a variety of cultural events (visual arts, dancing courses, language courses, photo competition for the yearly association calendar, cooking classes...) and social activities (sugar shack outing, visit to vineyards, picnic, apple picking...) 


For the very young we carry on that beautiful Italian tradition where, every January,

 "La Befana" brings a gift to every child. For our young adults attending university, every year we offer bursaries. 

For all, we organize evenings for card games, Tombola and a competition for the best home-made wines. 


For many years we have hosted a golf tournament to raise money for charity. 

In 2015, we raised money for the "Maison de soins palliatifs de Vaudreuil-Soulanges" and also for the Lighthouse Children & Families. 


We, your Association, are committed to maintain our deep involvement with the West Island community and to respond to the wants and needs of our membership. For the above reasons and others we invite you to register as a member of our Association. 



Why grow the membership? 


A larger membership base can: 


1. help us negotiate discounts for all card bearing members 

(the Association card) on goods and services provided by our 

numerous sponsors. 


2. help our Association raise more money for charities, student 

bursaries and other humanitarian causes. 


3. help us increase the number, quality and variety of events and 

activities. We believe that all activities can be more enjoyable 

when family and friends join in the fun. 


(consult the list of activities)


Take part in the most dynamic cultural and social association in Montreal!

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